~Text RPG~ Terms & Abbreviations

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~Text RPG~ Terms & Abbreviations

Post by Manager on Sun Apr 12, 2009 1:51 pm

~Text RPG~ is an RPG that uses many terms & abbreviations for items and other things in the RPG. The terms and abbreviations are listed below.

AP: Ability Points
HP: Health Points
LVL: Level
EXP: Experience
DMG: Damage
MP: Magic Points

AP (Ability Points): Points you gain each time you LVL up. You can buy special things with them but watch out, you only gain 5 per LVL Up.
HP (Health Points): Points that show how much health you have (for example, 10/10). The first number is your HP, and the second number is the max HP you can have. You can raise the max HP using your AP.
LVL (Level): Your Level shows how much experience you have and how good you are at ~Text RPG~. The higher your level, the more weapons you can buy and you have more advantages.
EXP (Experience): Your experience shows how much experience you have in ~Text RPG~. You gain EXP after winning a battle and once you get a certain amount, you LVL Up.
DMG (Damage): Each weapon has a certain amount of damage it does to an enemy. This is the abbreviation for damage.
MP (Magic Points): When you buy spells, you have to have a certain amount of MP to use it in a battle. This is used to measure the amount.
Points: Points are used to buy things in the shop, you earn points after every successful battle.
Allies: Your allies and you help each other during battles and they don't attack each other, if an you or another one of your allies attack each other, you automatically become enemies, you become allies again, you must not attack each other for a week.
Enemies: People that you fight a lot and do not like.

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