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Forum Rules

Post by Manager on Sun Apr 12, 2009 10:26 am

Ok, here are the rules of the forum.

1. Respect
1A. Respect the staff.
1B. Respect and be kind to the members of the forum.
1C. For the sake of some people, don't use bad language.
1D. Don't make fun of other people.
1E. Encourage people. We want them to be motivated even if they lost a couple of battles in a row.

2. Posting
2A. DO NOT spam, members that spam will be banned.
2B. If you have pictures in your signature or in your posts, make sure they are not offensive or inappropriate.
2C. NO DOUBLE POSTING, if you want to make another post after one of your previous ones, wait 24 hrs, wait until someone else posts, or edit your last post
2D. No one word posts, these can get really annoying.

3. Profile
3A. Like mentioned in 2B, don't have an offensive or inappropriate signature.
3B. Avatars cannot be offensive or inappropriate
3C. Do not make multiple accounts, your IP addresses will be compared and you will be banned.

And most important--HAVE FUN!!

That's it! FOR NOW, more rules may be added if I see more problems happening. Follow these rules and you won't get banned.

Thank you,
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